Safety Days 2007 - 2015


Here is an overview of how we  marked the occasion in previous years:

Safety Day 2015 the overall message on Safety Day 2015 was Achieving Goal Zero because we care. And continued with the HSSE message: No Harm. No Leaks;

Safety Day 2014 'Achieving Goal Zero' focus on Re-energising the Life-Saving Rules and No Harm. No Leaks;

Safety Day 2013 focused on taking 'Time for Safety' but expand the strong foundation of personal safety to connect others to process safety and keeping others safe;

Safety Day 2012 introduced the theme 'Time for Safety', focus on the element of time. Our safety performance relies on all of us taking time to do things safely;

Safety Day 2011 continued with ‘Do the Right Thing’, which requires capability, empowerment, and a sense of care for each other; 

Safety Day 2010 emphasised that when we each 'Do the Right Thing', we go home safely to the lives we cherish;

Safety Day 2009 introduced 'Do the Right Thing', which means being proactive and creating a culture where everyone feels motivated to work safely at all times, even when no one is looking; 

Safety Day 2008 encouraged everyone to make a pledge, small changes which taken make a big difference;  

Safety Day 2007 helped raise awareness of safety and the understanding of why people break rules through the 'Holes' campaign.