Post Airfield Prices - Terms and Conditions

1. PAP Prices must be considered only as indications. You will be invoiced at the price on the day of delivery.      

2. PAP Prices quoted are subject to change without notice. Please ask your Shell & MOH Aviation sales contact for further details.

3. Government applies taxes to uplifts of aviation products and use Shell & MOH Aviation to collect them on its behalf. Changes in the law and regulation relating to duties, taxes and dues on aviation products may occur at any time and the eligibility for refund or exemption is very complicated. It is not therefore possible to give details of these in this guide. Normally the general qualification for obtaining duty refund/exemption is that aircraft should clear for abroad from a customs airfield, and be engaged in commerce.

If you require a price at a Shell location not included in this Price Guide, please contact your local Shell & MOH Aviation office.