PAP in Greece


With Effect: 01/03/2023



Aktio Airport (Preveza) PVK LGPZ       1,57
Araxos Airport GPA LGRX       1,59
Athens Intl. Airport "Elefterios Venizelos" ATH LGAV       1,48
Chania Airport "I. Daskalogiannis" CHQ LGSA       1,42
Heraklion Airport " N. Kazantzakis" HER LGIR       1,43
Kalamata Airport KLX LGKL       1,85
Karpathos Airport AOK LGKP       1,66
Kavala Airport "M. Alexandros" KVA LGKV       1,54
Kefalonia Airport EFL LGKF       1,59
Kerkira Airport (Corfu) CFU LGKR       1,52
Kos Airport "Ippokratis" KGS LGKO       1,58
Mitilini Airport "Oddiseas Elitis" MJT LGMT       1,80
Mykonos Airport JMK LGMK       1,80
Rhodos Airport "Diagoras" RHO LGRP       1,44
Samos Airport "Aristarchos of Samos" SMI LGSM       1,84
Santorini Airport JTR LGSR       1,81
Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" SKG LGTS       1,47
Volos (Nea Anchialos Airport ) * VOL LGBL       2,31
Zakynthos Airport "D.Solomos" ZTH LGZA       1,52
Sofia Airport | Bulgaria SOF LBSF       1,36





PAP : Post Airfield Price. For special prices, please contact us.

ELT  : EURO per Liter.

The above prices do not include CSO, DUTIES, VAT or any other airport fee.

* VOL - VOLOS: Please always check with our Sales team, fuel availability 2 days in advance.


Winter period starts 01st November and ends 31st March. During this period, fuel is not available in the following locations: 

  • EFL  | Kefalonia Airport
  • GPA | Araxos Airport
  • AOK | Karpathos Airport
  • KLX  | Kalamata Airport
  • JMK  | Mykonos Airport