TOP 100 Companies in Greece

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Source: ICAP Report "Greece in Figures 2016"

Shell & MOH was ranked 51 among 300 large companies based on gross sales according to ICAP “Greece in Figures 2016”

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Source: Imerisia - "2016 Economy Leaders" Report

Shell & MOH was ranked 52 in greatest companies (based on gross proceeds) list and 102 in most profitable companies list.

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Source: Fortune Greece

Shell & MOH was ranked 29 in the most fast developing companies in Greece for 2014. 

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  • 2012 Ranking: 77
  • 2011 Ranking: 94
  • 2010 Ranking: 155

Note: Ranking based on Turnover



According to HELLASTAT, the Greek Statistical & Economic Data Service, Shell & MOH Aviation has been ranked in the 89th position in terms of turnover (from 155th in 2010), in the 56th in terms of EBT (102nd in 2010) among the TOP 200 Strongest Companies in Greece.

In terms of change (EBT %) Shell & MOH Aviation is in the 10th  position having (467% delta from 2010 to 2011).

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