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What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file which is sent to and stored on your computer or any other device you may use to access the Internet, each time you visit a website, without gathering any information about the documents or files on your device..

On our website we use “cookies” for different reasons, with the aim of creating a safer and more efficient environment for our visitors/users. We mainly use “cookies”, which are necessary for the safety of our website, as well as “cookies” used for statistical purposes and matters relating to the functionality of our website (e.g. number of visitors, how many return, frequency of visits, user preferences etc.).

The information that these cookies collect is not used to identify who you are, to send you targeted ads or to remember where you browse the internet.

Internet web browsers are usually set by default to accept “cookies”. Consequently, if you wish to modify how your browser operates, either to notify you about the use of “cookies” or to block “cookies”, you must change your browser’s settings.

You can set your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) not to accept cookies following the instructions provided by your browser. If you choose to use our Website without blocking or disabling cookies, you indicate your consent to your use of these cookies.

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How to delete and disable cookies

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If you use a different browser, follow the instructions from its provider.